Faculty Associate Program

The CCE is proud to offer the Center Faculty Associate Program. Faculty Associates serve a two year term during which they teach at least two CBL course offerings. They also participate in a CBL/CCE discussion and advisory group that will meet throughout each semester. These meetings will offer all faculty associates the opportunity to share their CBL experiences teaching, with particular focus on successful (and, perhaps not so successful) pedagogical strategies that integrate community experiences with classroom activities and academic reflection. These meetings will also include discussions on the future directions of Community Based Learning Programs and the Center for Civic Engagement.

Faculty Associates

Elizabeth Regosin , History Department (Senior Faculty Associate)
Fred Exoo, Government Department
Samantha Glazier, Chemistry Department
Paul Graham, English Department
Jennifer Hansen, Philosophy/Gender Studies Departments
Kara McLuckie, First Year Program
Cheryl Stuntz, Psychology Department

Previous Faculty Associates:

Steve Alexander, First Year Program
Margaret Bass, English
Ilia Casanova-Marengo, Modern Languages Department
John Collins, Global Studies
Bob Cowser, English Department
Judith DeGroat, History Department
Allison DelRossi, Economics
Traci Fordam-Hernandez, Performance and Communication Arts
Ann Marie Halstead, Performance and Communication Arts
Renee Koster, First Year Program
Mary Hussman, English Department
John Pezdek, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation/FYP
Pamela Thacher, Psychology