Abigail Horan '14

Abigail Horan
Abigail Horan
Class of 2014

2014 Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in integrating community placement experiences with academic reflection.

Her professor writes:

'She was simply exemplary in the way she constantly drew connections between her experiences at her placement and the material we were studying in class.  She did the same for her classmates in the classroom, asking them excellent questions that moved them forward in their thinking—just one of the ways she demonstrated leadership in the classroom. I have rarely had a journal as outstanding as hers.  It not only moved her learning to levels far beyond what she would have experienced without her deep level of reflection; it actually provided me with ideas for how I can help other students to move their own reflection deeper."

It is with great pleasure, on behalf of the Center for Civic Engagement, to award Abigail Horan with one of the 2014 Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Awards.