Chemistry Major

A major in chemistry requires a minimum of 9 units and provides basic preparation for medical or dental school and secondary school teaching. It also provides greater flexibility for those who wish to participate in study abroad programs. Students are required to complete 

  • General Chemistry (Chem 103 &104 or 105),
  • Quantitative Analysis (Chem 205)
  • Organic Chemistry (Chem 221 & 222)
  • Quantum Chemistry (Chem 341)
  • Biophysical Chemistry (Chem 342)
  • A minimum of three upper-level, 0.5 unit advanced laboratory courses selected from 351, 352, 353, 394 and 452, 
  • Senior project (Chem 489 and/or 490).

Unless special permission is obtained in advance, two .5-unit SYE courses are required over two semesters. In rare cases, permission may be obtained to complete 1.0 unit in a single semester.

Two semester  of calculus (Math 135, 136) and physics (either 103,104 or 151, 152) are also required. We recommend completing the math requirements in the first year and physics during the second.

Note that to fulfill prerequisites for moving from Chemistry 103 to 104 a grade of 1.75 is required. To advance from Chemistry 104 or 105 to 221 and 205 and from 221 to 222 requires a grade of 2.0 or higher.