Student Bios

Majors: Biochemistry

During my senior year I worked on a research project with Dr. Emily Dixon.

Majors: Chemistry (ACS)
Minors: Music


While exploring the possibility of attending St. Lawrence University, I was immediately drawn to the school because of its intimate size and close student...

Majors: Chemistry, with ACS certification

I’ll admit: a good part of the reason I wanted to come to St. Lawrence was the chemistry building, Johnson Hall of Science, set to open in the fall of my sophomore year. When I got here, I hadn’t...

Majors: Double major in Chemistry and Music

Chemistry has been my way of discovering what is going on in the world, and figuring out how to increase our knowledge on how to make it better. As a student of this fundamental science, I have...

Majors: Chemistry
Minors: Biology

Making the decision to come to St. Lawrence was easy due to its close proximity to Canada as well as a dynamic golf and science program. St. Lawrence is a small school which benefits student life...

Majors: Biology, Chemistry

I am currently a graduating senior. Throughout all four years, I have run cross-country and track for St. Lawrence. During my freshman year at SLU, I became a tour guide for the office of...