Student Bios

Hilary St. John
Majors: Biology, Chemistry

I am currently a graduating senior. Throughout all four years, I have run cross-country and track for St. Lawrence. During my freshman year at SLU, I became a tour guide for the office of...

Kirk W Shimkin
Majors: Chemistry
Minors: Mathematics

My experience at St. Lawrence has been highlighted by many things like my experiences playing for the university baseball team, my involvement with Omikron Delta Kappa, and my time as a QRC mentor...

Kathryn McHugh
Majors: Biochemistry
Minors: English

I would like to someday serve as a primary care physician in a rural area. The new Johnson Hall of Science drew me most to St. Lawrence. The facilities are as incredible as they appear to be and...

Dan DePuccio
Majors: Double major in Chemistry and Music

Chemistry has been my way of discovering what is going on in the world, and figuring out how to increase our knowledge on how to make it better. As a student of this fundamental science, I have...

Matthew Hayes

I was first drawn towards St. Lawrence University for its rural location with breath-taking scenery, strong sense of community, and the newly added Johnson Hall of Science. At first, I was...

Zak Johnson
Majors: Chemistry
Minors: Francophone Studies

Before I arrived at St. Lawrence, I was almost certain I wanted to major in chemistry. Like most students, I took a variety of courses in different departments during my first two years. Although...