Student Bios

Patricia Weaver
Majors: Biochemistry

Upon coming to St. Lawrence I knew I was interested in the sciences, but beyond that I wasn’t sure of the specifics I wanted to pursue. I chose Biochemistry as my major because of the broad array...

Sarah Kossak
Majors: Chemistry (ACS)
Minors: Sociology

When I first arrived at St. Lawrence, I knew I wanted to pursue a major in chemistry because of the passion I had for it throughout high school.  In my time here, I have realized the unique...

Brendan Courneene
Majors: Chemistry
Minors: Biology

I began my St. Lawrence career in the pursuit of attending medical school after graduation and while completing the prerequisites courses, I developed an interest in chemistry. This interest,...

Greg McDonald
Majors: Chemistry (ACS)
Minors: Film Studies

Greg McDonald came to the North Country from central New York for a few things, a future, an education, that brisk -30° F air, and long awaited experiences in the outdoors. He can be seen throwing...

Omaru Kabia
Majors: Chemistry (ACS)

Entering St. Lawrence, I knew I wanted to pursue chemistry after my first day of general chemistry. It reignited a passion and interest I had in high school for chemistry. The supportive and...

Majors: Biology, Chemistry

I am currently a graduating senior. Throughout all four years, I have run cross-country and track for St. Lawrence. During my freshman year at SLU, I became a tour guide for the office of...