Student Bios

Matthew Hayes

I was first drawn towards St. Lawrence University for its rural location with breath-taking scenery, strong sense of community, and the newly added Johnson Hall of Science. At first, I was...

Zak Johnson
Majors: Chemistry
Minors: Francophone Studies

Before I arrived at St. Lawrence, I was almost certain I wanted to major in chemistry. Like most students, I took a variety of courses in different departments during my first two years. Although...

James V. Virnelli III
Majors: Chemistry (ACS)
Minors: Mathematics

I was drawn to St. Lawrence University by its small size and welcoming atmosphere. The Johnson Hall of Science was scheduled to open for my first year fall semester, and I knew I wanted to major...

Elisabeth Dwyer
Majors: Biochemistry
Minors: Sports Studies and Exercise Science

As a biochemistry major, I have taken many science courses over my four years at St. Lawrence, but I have also been able to pursue my love of sports through a sports studies and exercise science...

Meredith Allen
  • Major: Chemistry (ACS)
  • Minor: Mathematics
  • Activities (extracurricular): Club Soccer, Baila (Latin Dance Club), La...
Rachael Kenney
Majors: Chemistry (ACS)
Minors: Music


While exploring the possibility of attending St. Lawrence University, I was immediately drawn to the school because of its intimate size and close student...