Grant Management

Here is some helpful information for new grant project directors and PIs--from using your new grant account to requesting stipends. Please contact Carol Smith for help with any grant management questions at x5574.

How Do I......?

...keep track of grant expenses? project supplies? my conference airline ticket?

...hire summer students?

....request my grant stipend?

...prepare my grant reports?

Using Your Your Grant Account

  • The SLU Business Office will create assign a new, ten-digit restricted grant account for your project (e.g., # 3-01-02-12345)
  • You should use this account for ALL project-related purchases and transactions.
  • Every project transaction-from purchases to salaries-will be recorded in your grant account with assigned object codes (expense categories)
  • You should regularly monitor grant financial activity through the Ellucian/Datatel accounting system to make sure that your grant spending is on track and within budget.
  • Ellucian/Datatel FRS will display your grant transactions based on the University's fiscal year-July 1 to June 30-which may be different from your project period

Purchasing Materials and Supplies

  • You can charge purchases made at the SLU Bookstore directly to your grant by giving the cashier the grant account budget and appropriate object code (e.g., code 52520 for office supplies).
  • To purchase major items from a vendor, you should use a departmental or University purchase order to charge the expense to your grant account. For more information, contact the Purchasing Office (x5905).
  • Departmental purchasing cards can also be used to make project-related purchases. You should write the grant budget code and object code on the receipt and submit to the departmental employee responsible for administering the purchase card.
  • A payment request can submitted for reimbursement from the grant for such items as dues, subscriptions, and memberships. Note that if you are seeking reimbursement for yourself, the reimbursement will need approval from one level up and/or the C&F Grants Office.
  • In certain cases, you may be able to get a special University purchasing card for your grant project. Please contact the C&F Office (x5571) for more information.

Making Travel Arrangements

  • You can make travel arrangements through Travel Unlimited in Canton (315-386-8525) and request that all related expenses charged directly to your grant account.
  • If you use a personal credit card to book airline tickets or make other travel arrangements for your own travel, you can also request reimbursement for any grant-related travel expenses by completing the Travel/Moving Claim Form and then forwarding to the C&F Office for the authorizing signature. 
  • Airline tickets can be charged directly to your grant account by booking through Travel Guard/Marathon.
  • Requests for travel advances (typically $500 or less) can be supported with grant funds. If you need an advance for yourself as PI, contact the C&F Office.
  • If another project participant is submitting a travel claim form for reimbursement, as Project PI you are authorized to sign her/his form.

Hiring Students

  • Students can be hired during the academic year and paid at an hourly rate. They are limited to working 15 hours/week under the Work Study Program. The Student Employment Handbook provides a chart with the appropriate hourly rate. Social Security tax (FICA) is not charged on student wages during the academic year.
  • For summer research on grant projects, students usually work for 8-10 weeks and receive compensation at a standard "flat" rate of $3,500. FICA charges of 7.65% apply if the student is hired to work as a summer employee on a faculty-driven project (vs. a student fellowship).
  • Arrangements for student summer campus housing are made with Nancy Bovay in the Academic Dean's Office (x 5993). Campus housing is available during the SLU Summerterm, usually from late May until early August (approximately 10 weeks).
  • To initiate the hiring process, a Student Personnel Action (PA) Form should be filled out with the student's name and your grant account number. Submit the completed form to Tommiann Russell in the Financial Aid Office in Payson Hall.
  • You should also give your departmental secretary with a copy of the student PA form for payroll processing purposes.

Requesting Grant Compensation

  • Grant compensation is based on the approved budget.
  • Payment is requested through the C&F Office via a memo submitted to the Academic Dean or senior staff member for approval. 
  • Once approved, the stipend request is then processed by Human Resources (HR) and the Business Office, and payment is made in the faculty member's paycheck as instructed (i.e., one lump sum, several installments).
  • Please note that faculty grant stipends are subject to federal and state income taxes and FICA charges.

Preparing Reports

As Project PI, YOU are responsible for drafting all required project reports, usually due on an annual basis. In general, you will need to: 

  • Make careful note of report due dates;
  • Summarize project activities and accomplishments during the project period;
  • Demonstrate your success in meeting the goals presented in your proposal;
  • Discuss challenges encountered and plans for the next phase of the project;
  • List project expenses incurred during the project period; and
  • Work with the C&F Office to finalize and submit your report before the deadline.