Grant Management

Grant Accounting

When a grant proposal is first awarded, the C&F Grants Office will work with you as the project director/PI and the Business Office to set up a new restricted grant account ("cost center") in the Ellucian accounting system based upon the approved project budget. The designated grant account must be used for all grant-related expenses. You will be responsible for monitoring grant spending and following the approved budget. The C&F Grants Office and Business Office staff will meet with you at the beginning of the project implementation period to review the budget and project spending needs and will provide budget oversight support during the grant terms.

All grant-related charges must be allowable, allocable, and reasonable and made in compliance with University procedures and policies. Detailed information on financial procedures and policies is provided on the Business Office website, along with commonly used forms.

Project Director/PI Responsibilities

As Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI), you are responsible for managing all aspects of your grant project. It is critical to maintain a positive relationship with your funder—not only to improve the likelihood of securing more support for your own work in the future, but also for your colleagues.

As PD/PI, you will need to ensure that:

  • Your project meets all sponsoring agency and institutional policy guidelines;
  • You implement the grant activities and work towards the outcomes as outlined in your proposal;
  • You meet all deadlines for narrative and financial reports;
  • Scientific research is conducted in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner;
  • Student research assistants are properly trained and supervised;
  • You monitor the performance of any subcontractors involved in your project; and
  • You comply with all grant terms for acknowledgment, publicity, and dissemination of grant activities and outcomes.

Time and Effort Reporting

In accordance with federal regulations, St. Lawrence University requires principal investigators of federally-funded sponsored activities to periodically verify that the salaries charged to grants for which they are responsible represent a reasonable estimate of the actual time worked on the grant. For more information, please see the SLU policy statement.   

Responsible Conduct of Research

The National Science Foundation requires that federally-sponsored research and education grants include a plan for “appropriate training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research.” The C&F Grants Office is pleased to help faculty identify appropriate RCR training resources.

Faculty who receive federal funding to conduct research or supervise student researchers are responsible for ensuring that all work is done in compliance with St. Lawrence and governmental policies. This includes ensuring that all undergraduate students supported by funds from the National Science Foundation are given proper training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research. The student is not required to complete the tutorials in one sitting, but training completion must be documented by the PI. 

St. Lawrence faculty mentoring federally-sponsored undergraduate research students are encouraged to use the free, online RCR training modules available through Ethics CORE. Ethics CORE is the centerpiece project of the National Center for Professional and Research Ethics, serving as an NSF-initiated national online ethics resource center. Ethics CORE is committed to supporting instruction in RCR as an essential aspect of career development for emerging professionals as well as practicing scholars, scientists and engineers.

The Ethics CORE RCR modules are available at: