Grants Committee

All proposals and grant requests that will be administered through the University must be reviewed and authorized by the C&F External Grants Committee, which meets monthly during the academic year. Once your project concept has been approved, you can move forward with finalizing your grant proposal. In every case, a final draft of your proposal narrative and budget must be available for review by the C&F External Grants Committee at least two weeks prior to your proposal deadline.

Members of the C&F External Grants Committee:
William L. Fox, President
Valerie Lehr, Dean of Academic Affairs and Vice President
Laura Ellis, Vice President for University Advancement
Kathryn Mullaney, Vice President of Finance
Thomas Pynchon, Director of Principal Gifts and International Philanthropy and Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Alison Del Rossi, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
Devon Murphy Stein, Director, C&F Office
Carol Smith, Associate Director, C&F Office

Submitting Your Idea for Review
Ton initiate your request for review by the Grants Committee, you will need to submit a brief proposal summary (1-2 pages), with the following information:

  • Project Description - who, what, and why
  • Goals/Outcomes - what you expect to achieve through the project
  • Project Timetable - proposed start and end dates for the project and specify whether project activity will take place during the academic year, over the summer, or both
  • Project Budget - estimated amount of grant support needed and how funds will be spent; include information about other sources of support you currently have for the project
  • Information on Funding Source or Grant Program (if identified)
  • SLU Cost Share - identify if you are requesting institutional matching funds or institutional support (e.g., IT support, student summer housing, use of facilities, summer stipend, etc.), and if so, how much.