Hiring Students

  • Students can be hired during the academic year and paid at an hourly rate. They are limited to working 20 hours/week under the Work Study Program. The Student Employment Handbook provides a chart with the appropriate hourly rate. Social Security tax (FICA) is not charged on student wages during the academic year.
  • For summer research on grant projects, students usually work for 8-10 weeks and receive compensation at a standard "flat" rate of $3,500. FICA charges of 7.65% apply if the student is hired to work as a summer employee on a faculty-driven project (vs. a student fellowship).
  • Arrangements for student summer campus housing are made with Nancy Bovay in the Academic Dean's Office (x 5993). Campus housing is available during the SLU Summerterm, usually from late May until early August (approximately 10 weeks).
  • To initiate the hiring process, a Student Personnel Action (PA) Form should be filled out with the student's name and your grant account number. Submit the completed form to Tommiann Russell in the Financial Aid Office in Payson Hall.
  • You should also give your departmental secretary with a copy of the student PA form for payroll processing purposes.