Project Director/PI Responsibilities

As Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI), you are responsible for managing all aspects of your grant project, and St. Lawrence University will hold you accountable for all grant activity and reporting requirements. It is critical to maintain a positive relationship with your funder—not only to improve the likelihood of securing more support for own your work in the future, but also for other University applicants.

As PD/PI, you will need to ensure that:

· You implement the grant activities and work towards the outcomes as outlined in your proposal;

· You comply with institutional and funder policies;

· You meet all deadlines for narrative and financial reports;

· Charges to the grant do not exceed the approved budget;

· All charges are allowable, allocable, and reasonable;

· Salary and wages charged to the grant are consistent with time and effort expended by grant participants and reported to the SLU Business Office (for federal grants) in compliance with University and federal policies;

· You notify the C&F Office promptly—and at least two months prior to the award expiration date—for any extension requests or changes to project objectives, budget, personnel, or time and effort—to allow time to secure funder approval;

· Scientific research is conducted in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner;

· Student research assistants are properly trained and supervised;

· You monitor the performance of any subcontractors involved in your project; and

· You comply with all grant terms for acknowledgment, publicity, and dissemination of grant activities and outcomes.