Purchasing Project Supplies

  • You can charge purchases made at the SLU Bookstore directly to your grant by giving the cashier the grant account budget and appropriate object code (e.g., 3-02-04-12345-52520 for office supplies).
  • To purchase major items from a vendor, you should use a departmental or University purchase order to charge the expense to your grant account. For more information, contact the Purchasing Office (x5905).
  • Departmental purchasing cards can also be used to make project-related purchases. You should write the grant budget code and object code on the receipt and submit to the departmental employee responsible for administering the purchase card.
  • New vendors--and individuals entitled to an honorarium--are required to complete a W-9 form before payment can be issued.
  • You can request a payment via the DATATEL  system for expenses such items as dues, subscriptions, and memberships. Be sure to enter the proper grant budget codes on the online form, print the email authorization, obtain the necessary signature, and forward to the Business Office. NOTE: If you are seeking reimbursement for yourself, you must first submit the form to the C&F Office for the authorizing signature.
  • In certain cases, you may be able to get a special University purchasing card for your grant project. Please contact the C&F Office (x5574) for more information.