Catering Guidelines and Menu


St. Lawrence University Dining & Conference Services strives to provide for complete campus hospitality needs.  From room reservations, menu selection, linen, decoration suggestions and audio-visual needs to full service dining.  The trained professional staff is here to serve the St. Lawrence campus community.

The St. Lawrence University Catering Guide is designed to assist when making choices for any function where numbers can range from 6 to 400 or more and is outlined with easy menu choices and a range of services.

 Catering / Event Planning:

Before beginning any planning for an on-campus event, a confirmed room reservation is required.  Please refer to http://spii/ for reserving spaces.

When arranging for catered services, please use the following time line:

            Three weeks in advance

·         Contact the catering clerk at x5996.

·         Confirm the date, time and venue.

Three working days in advance

·         Provide a guaranteed number of guests.

 48 hours prior to the event

·         The final billable number will be conveyed to the Dining Services office.  Billing is determined upon the final billable number given or the number that actually attend; whichever is higher.

 24 hours prior to the event

·         Changes to any approved menu or changes to the guaranteed number must be given or there will be a $10.00 fee incurred.

 Dining Services understands the need for short-notice requests.

·         Orders placed less than 24 hours will be charged an additional fee of $20.00.

 It is strongly advised that the entire event’s programming is shared with the Dining Services clerk / Catering staff so the timing of the event is as accurate as possible.

 A confirmation form will be sent out prior to the event.  Please read and file for future reference.  All individual menu item amounts will be determined by the professionally trained catering staff.

 If there are any questions or concerns at the time of the event, call the dining unit.  The phone number will be listed on the confirmation form.

 Please use the following list as a guideline when making menu selections.  Don’t forget to ask the Dining Services staff for suggestions.

·         Guest dietary requirements, i.e.: Gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose intolerance, nut allergy, vegetarian, vegan, etc. (This is important information for guests to feel comfortable knowing their needs have been considered.)

·         Purpose or theme of event; ethnic, religious.

·         The complete time of event; start time to end time.  Will it replace a meal?

·         Seasonal foods.

·         Budget parameters.

 Local, seasonal foods will be given consideration upon availability.

Prices of menus will be determined and be inclusive of basic services staff, setup and cleanup, disposable ware, and standard linens.  Higher or lower guest numbers will affect price, and possibly venue.

 Alcohol Consumption on Campus: Only beer and wine service is available on campus with the prior written approval of the University President or Dean.  Cash bars will require a local vendor.

Bar beverages and bartending services are an additional charge and will be billed at a cost plus basis for alcohol consumed or corked.

 A university budget code must be provided.  Please refer to St. Lawrence University’s Alcohol Policy for more information.

 Cancellations: If an event is cancelled less than 24 hours, and the food has been ordered, there will be a 25% recovery charge.  If an event is not cancelled and is set up and ready to be served, the recovery charge will be incurred according to the food ordered, or at the discretion of Dining Services.  A charge will be incurred for any Dining Services equipment used in an event that is not promptly returned.

 The Department of Health requires that all foods at St. Lawrence University be from “approved sources.”  Please refer to the Catering Policy.

 All foods that are not completely consumed at any event remain the property of SLU’s Dining Services.

 NYS Health Department Information:  The first and most important responsibility is to the safety and quality of any foods served on the campus.  SLU’s Dining Services is a licensed food service operator, and is inspected by the New York State Health Department and governed by their regulations.