Reserving a Room

Reserving a Room on Campus:

Information for the most frequently reserved rooms can be found by clicking below: Meeting Room Features

SPII is the web version of our room scheduling software. It is meant to provide the SLU community access to campus room schedules to facilitate scheduling. Please follow the steps below when scheduling a room

1) View a room schedule

  • Open a browser to
  • Choose a viewing option from the list under Today's Events.
    • Text View gives the most information about the event scheduled including date, start and end time, the event/activity scheduled, the requester, and location. In Text View, you can also choose whether you want to view a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly schedule.
    • Calendar gives a calendar view for the month with the events scheduled listed
    • Graphical gives a view of events for the day blocked off by hours reserved and by room
  • All three views use the current date as the default. If you would like to view the schedule for a different day, click on the date desired in the calendars at the top of the window. Click the arrow buttons at the sides to go to a different month.
  • If you want to view the schedule for a particular building or room, select the building from the Location drop down menu or select the room from the Room drop down menu. These can be used in combination (choose a building and get the rooms in that building).
  • Use the radio buttons to switch between views.

2) Request a room

  • Open a browser to
  • Click Request Event
  • Enter date, start and end time, event name, number attending and location into the corresponding fields.
  • Click Next. A list of available rooms with a capacity that will accommodate the number attending will appear. Clicking on the room link will give a list of equipment and special features for the room.
  • Click the check box next to the room you desire from the list.
  • Type your name in the Contact box and click Find Client.
  • Choose your name from the drop down box next to your department name.
  • Click the radio button beside your department name and click Next.
  • Review the information submitted, enter any additional information (A/V requirements, catering requests, etc.), include your email address if you would like a confirmation email.
  • Click Finish

Please see Special Event Agreement Form when finished requesting a room.  This form is designed for anyone who is reserving space for a special event.  This is not for a routine meeting request.

You may also choose to contact Room Reservations in Conference Services (229-5996) to reserve a room.

Rooms Not Reserved through Room Reservations.
The following rooms are not reserved through Room Reservations, but through specific departments. Please contact the person listed directly.

Room Contact Person

Brush Alumni House

Student Manager - x5925

Brush Art Gallery

Cathy Tedford - x5174

Brush Alumni House (all spaces)

Brush Art Gallery

Cathy Tedford - x5174

Griffiths Rooms / 1st floor Noble Center; (NC 221, 222, 225, 226 and 228 - through Room Reservations

Karen Foster - x5166

Gulick Theatre

John Larrance - x5182

International House (upstairs in Sykes)

Johnson Science Hall

Rosemary Taylor - x5294

Madill 211

Melissa Burchard - x5400

Noble Center 001 (Underground), Griffiths 015 and Griffiths 105-6 (Kermani-Peterson Performance Hall)

Terry DuBray - x5173

ODY Library Rooms, except CTL 145 (Room Res reserves this space only-x5996)

Theresa O'Reilly - 5454

SLU Sports Complex

Mary Ann Casale - x5423

Sullivan Student Center

Timberly Hewitt - reserve through SPII

Valentine 124 (Math Lab)

Peg Barkley - x5227

Vilas G-12

Wachtmeister Field Station

Rosemary Taylor/Biology - x5294

Contact Dining and Conference Services