Kara McDuffee

Kara McDuffee
Kara McDuffee
Communications and Education
Owego, New York
Women's Basketball, Sophomore Class Council, Dance Ensemble, Student Athletic Advisory Committee

My name is Kara McDuffee and I am currently a junior at St. Lawrence University. I have had a great experience at this school so far. I love SLU's small campus size and sense of community, which were two important factors in why I chose to attend this college. I love how many opportunities there are to get involved on campus, through which I've met a great group of diverse individuals. A large part of my time is dedicated to playing on the women's basketball team; this past season, I was fortunate enough to be on a team that won the Liberty League Championship and got a chance to play in the NCAA tournament. I've also found the time to participate in a collection of other clubs, groups, and committees. Additionally, this summer I am excited to take advantage of SLU's study abroad program  when I will travel to London, Paris, and Edinburgh for three weeks. 


So far, I have loved every English class that I've taken at St. Lawrence. The small class sizes, talented peers, and excellent professors have helped me to improve my writing skills and critical reading skills. I have taken so much from the literature and creative writing courses that I've been in so far, and I intend to take many more before I graduate. The professors are extremely helpful and their teaching has inspired me greatly.  I am not sure what exactly I plan to do after graduation, but I am considering careers in education, journalism, or law. Whatever I choose to do, it will have something to do with English skills, and I feel that St. Lawrence will prepare me well for whatever path I end up pursuing.