Fall 2011 Courses Cross-Listed with European Studies

ECON 234A:  Comparative Economics
ENG 225 A/B:  English Literature to 1700
ENG 226A:  English Literature 1700 to present
ENG 247A:  SPTP:  Voice Behind the Curtain
ENG 319A:  Shakespeare
ENG 347A:  SPTP:  J. R. R. Tolkien
ENG 355A:  LT-Contemporary British Novel
FILM 404A:  French Film
FA 117 A/B:  Survey of Art I
FA 202A:  Italian Reniassance Art
FA 207A:  19th C. European Art
FR 201 A/B:  Advanced French
FR 247A:  SPTP:  LeMidi
FR 404A: French Film
GER 201A:  Advanced German
GER 257A:  The Holocaust
GOVT 206 A/B:  Political Theory
GOVT 330A:  European Politics
HIST 205A: 19th Century Europe
HIST 267A:  The Holocaust
HIST 299A:  SEM:  War of 1812
PCA 319A:  Shakespeare
PHIL 206 A/B:  Political Theory
REL 267A:  The Holocaust
SPAN 423A:  Survey:  Spanish Literature
SPAN 439A:  Popular Culture of Spain
SOC 203A:  Foundations of Social Theory

Important note about study abroad:  in addition to the courses listed above, a number of courses on the London, Austria, Denmark, Italy, France, and Spain programs can be taken as European minor electives.  A few of these courses meet the Introduction to European Studies requirement.