Cassie Coughlin

Cassie Coughlin
Cassie Coughlin
European Studies and Government
Co-chair of the Young Alumni Committee for 2009 (2009-Present), Senior Class Secretary (2008-2009), Senior Class Gift Co-Chair (2008-2009), Student Caller for the Alumni Office (2008-2009), Peer Tutor (2008), Study Abroad in Ireland (Fall 2007)

When I declared history as my major during my sophomore year, I also decided that European Studies would be the perfect minor to complement my history degree. I took 20th century European history with a visiting professor my freshman year, and I really enjoyed the experience in that class. As a result, I decided to pursue European history more diligently and I enjoyed the flexibility within the European Studies minor, both with courses and the Senior Year Experience. I have always been passionate about Irish history, particularly American-Irish foreign relations as well as the political and cultural climate of Northern Ireland. In an effort to further my studies regarding these subjects, I studied abroad in Cork City Ireland on a non-St. Lawrence Program in Fall 2007. I took classes at the University College of Cork on European Politics, the United States, Ireland and the EU from 1945-Present, and a course focusing on the history and development of Northern Ireland. I was able to travel throughout Europe while I was abroad, and gained a great deal of knowledge beyond Ireland's history and culture.

Once I returned to St. Lawrence, I was able to continue studying these subjects and used my knowledge from studying abroad to complete a European Studies independent study with Eve Stoddard on the impact of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland and their role in transforming from a paramilitary organization to a political party. I was selected as the European Studies representative to present my research findings at the Festival of Scholarship and Creativity in April 2009. The Festival solidified my research, public speaking, and presentation skills learned as a European Studies minor and throughout my four years at St. Lawrence University.

Professional Position: 
Assistant property manager