Student Bios

Majors: Government
Minors: European Studies

As a government major at St. Lawrence University I have been exposed to a variety of different political systems, perspectives, and historical events. Communism and the transitional governments of...

Majors: Global Studies
Minors: European Studies


I am Łukasz W. Niparko, a European Studies minor originally from Poznań, Poland. Being in the European Studies Program at St. Lawrence University means a lot to me: I am a European,...

Majors: History
Minors: Government and European Studies

As a local and the child of a St. Lawrence retired professor and administrator I grew up, in a way, on campus. My experience thus far as an undergraduate at St. Lawrence has been nothing but...

Majors: English (Literature)
Minors: European Studies and Spanish

When I entered St. Lawrence University as a first year student, I knew that I wanted to major in English with a focus on literature, and that I was very interested in pursuing a minor in Spanish....

Majors: History
Minors: European Studies and Canadian Studies

Through my History major I have taken classes that have explored histories of regions all over the globe. I have always had a deep interest in exploring and learning about histories and societies...

Majors: Combined History and Asian Studies
Minors: French, European Studies

When I came to St. Lawrence, I was certain of two things: I wanted to study history and I wanted to travel. And so, in my freshman year I declared a history major and studied abroad on the France...