2011 Student Film Festival - Participants and Winners!

The second annual St. Lawrence University Student Film Festival and Competition was held on May 1, 2011.  Eight filmswere shown, the following four were chosen for awards.

Alma Mater, Old St. Lawrence
A. J. Blaisdell (winner of Best Satire award)

A satirical university admissions video that
highlights the many characteristics of interest to SLU's potential incoming
freshmen. 7 minutes.


Atwood (winner of Best cinematography award)

After a devastating breakup our young heroine
falls into a deep depression, fromwhich she is unable to break free. After
some soul searching we find her resurfacing and tackling life once more. 13 minutes.

The Goodman
Collin Henderson (Winner of Best Film award and winner of The Milo Award)

Following an argument with his girlfriend, The
Goodman retreats to the library to work on a paper.  His night of work is
cut short when he is visited by a figure he thinks to be his girlfriend.
 The mysterious individual leads him through what seems to be a standard
college weekend night, but the Goodman discovers more about the people he sees
on an every day basis than he ever thought. 16 minutes

La Dolphin 
Edward Blewett (Winner of Best
Short Film award)

The tragic story of fidelity and jealousy
surrounding a dolphin set against the alluring environment of the French
countryside.  (4 minutes)