First Year Cup Rules

Basic run-down of the FY Cup:

  • It starts with the Kickoff Festival on the Friday of the first week of classes
  • There are two components to the competition: 1) The team competition; 2) The individual competition
  • Every time you attend or participate in a FY Cup event or intramural sport, you earn points for either yourself, your team, or both!
  • Earn points in the following ways:
  1. The FY Cup Kickoff Festival! Earn points for your team by participating in festival events. The top winners from each event earn even MORE points for your team!
  2. Attend a FY Cup eligible event--10 points for your team AND 10 points for the individual competition!
  3. Participate in FY Cup intramural sports--earn points for your team by participating, and the overall champions earn extra team points!
  4. Dean's List--If you make the Dean's List in the fall, you earn 10 points for your team AND 10 points toward the individual competition!
  • Winners throughout the competition will be awarded prizes! Prizes are awarded to:
  1. FY Cup Kickoff Festival Winners
  2. FY Cup Intramural Champions
  3. FY Cup Team Competition Winners
  4. The individual with the highest points from each FYP will be recognized at a special student leadership banquet! (note: you must earn 60 points or more)
  • Events and intramurals end on the Friday prior to Thanksgiving Break, but the winners are announced in the spring semester after Dean's List points are calculated


How do I find out what events are eligible?

First-year students earn points by attending events that are First-Year Cup Eligible. Check out the following for lists of events:

  •  Upcoming Events page
  • Weekly events emails send by FY Cup coordinator Laura Lavoie
  • SLUWire
  • Student Center Calendar (by the main doors)
  • Check with your CAs or FYP professors!

How do I make an event eligible?

Determination of First Year Cup Eligibility: The decision of whether an event will be First-Year Cup eligible is made by the First-Year Cup Committee comprised of some or all of the following individuals: the Associate Dean of the First Year, the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership, a member of the Residence Life staff who works with the First Year Council, the Research Analyst for Institutional Research, and a member of the Athletics Intramurals staff.

In determining what events will be First-Year Cup eligible, the Committee will be guided by the following criteria:

  • the event is open and publicized to all first-year students;
  • the event is free of charge for all first-year students;
  • the event encourages first-year students’ positive involvement in the campus community and is consistent with St. Lawrence University’s Aims and Objectives;
  • the event will be held on-campus;
  • one of the individuals organizing the event will be responsible for placing a sign-in sheet in an easily accessible location at the event and returning it to the First-Year Program office; and
  • the First-Year Cup Committee is notified by the organizing individual(s) of the desire for the event to be First-Year Cup eligible in ample time to notify first-year students about the event and its First-Year Cup eligible status.

The fact that FYP faculty might require their students to attend an event does not render the event ineligible.  Also, events that are organized by a particular FYP college or colleges may also be First-Year Cup eligible, but see the discussion under “Awarding of Points” regarding the special process for awarding points to the organizing FYP(s).

For Individuals/Groups Interested in Their Event Being First-Year Cup Eligible: If you wish your event to be considered for First-Year Cup eligibility, you must send information about the event to Laura Lavoie at  Please review the full details for submissions found here.

If your event is determined to be First-Year Cup eligible, you will be provided with a sign-in sheet for the event.  (See section below on the “Signing-In Process”)  This sign-in sheet must be placed somewhere easily accessible to the first-year students who attend the event and in a location that reduces the chances for cheating by one individual signing the names of other students.  Note that you will be asked to sign the sheet certifying that you have done the above. Sign-in sheets are to be returned to the Student Center Information Desk as soon after the event as possible. 

How do I earn points?

Awarding of Points for the Team Competition: Attendance at each FYCup eligible event is worth 10 points per person (unless otherwise noted). Orientation Leaders and Community Assistants are eligible to earn points for the FYP(s) with which they are involved; faculty may not earn points for their FYP. Accumulated points are weighted based on the number of students in each college and the number of Community Assistants and Orientation Leaders assigned to that college.

In the circumstance where members of the FYP(s) organize a First-Year Cup event, the organizing FYP(s) earn the average number of points earned by non-organizing FYP colleges whose members attend the event. This policy is in recognition for the possibility of unfair advantage on the part of the organizing FYP(s).

Awarding of Points for the Individual Competition: In addition to points earned for their team, individuals are also awarded 10 points toward their individual score for each event they attend. Additionally, each student on the Dean's List after the fall semester earns 10 points toward the competition.

Awarding of Points for the First-Year Cup Festival: The following is the process by which points are awarded for the First-Year Cup Festival. Please note that all points earned at the Festival carry over to the overall First-Year Cup competition.

  • Each college receives 10 points for each event in which it has a team compete.  Only one team per FYP is allowed.         
  • The top three teams from the following events—Scavenger Hunt, Trivia Contest, Banner Competition, Alma Mater competition, and Puzzle Pickle—receive 15 points, 10 points and 5 points extra respectively.          
  • The top two teams in the volleyball tournament, basketball tournament and tug-of-war receive 15 points and 10 points extra respectively.    
  • The overall Festival winning team enjoys a special prize to be determined.

The Signing-In Process:

To earn points, an individual must sign-in at each event. The individual must present his or her student ID at any First Year Cup eligible event and sign-in with the First-Year Cup representative; the representative may be someone involved with the event or a student worker.  Sometimes the sign-in sheet will be posted at the entrance to the event.  For events in the Winston room, students must sign-in during the first half hour of the event. At all other events (e.g. lectures, musical performances in Gulick Theatre, athletic events, etc.), students must sign in 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after the start of the event.

IMPORTANT: A first-year student may NOT sign-in for any individuals other than him or herself. If a student signs the sheet with a name other than his or her own, that student and the student whose name was signed will be disqualified from participation in the First-Year Cup for the remainder of the semester and may suffer judicial ramifications. If you witness someone cheating by signing another individual(s) name(s) on a sign-in sheet, it is your obligation to bring that information to a member of the First-Year Cup Committee (see membership above) or one of your Community Assistants. 


Intramural sports are coordinated through the intramural office. Participating FYPs must have a captain so that the intramural staff can contact them with game times and a location. Intramural rules and schedules can be found here.


Standings are updated on a bi-weekly basis.  Standings will be emailed to the first-year class as they become available. They can also be found here.

Duration of the competition:

The competition begins with the First-Year Cup Festival on the first Friday of classes at the beginning of the fall semester. Intramurals and events will end on the Friday prior to Thanksgiving Break. Winners will be announced after the Dean's List is publicized.

Recognition of Winners:

Recognition for High Point Earners:  Recognition of points earned occurs at several points during the year. 

  • Winners of the First-Year Cup Festival
  • Highest point earners for the First Year Cup Intramurals
  • Top Individual Point Leaders (see below for determination of individual winners); announced at the Student Organization and Leadership Banquet
  • WINNERS OF THE FIRST YEAR CUP: their FYP name is engraved on the First-Year Cup Trophy, and they are announced at the Student Organization and Leadership Banquet. Members of the winning FYP will also work with the Assistant Director of Student Activities & Leadership and residential coordinator (RC) for their area to coordinate a special prize.

Determination of Individual Winners:  The individual winners for the First-Year Cup will be the following individuals: (1) individuals earning at least 160 points; and (2) the top point earner from any FYP not already represented among the individual winners if that top point earner has earned at least 60 points.


Contact the Office of Student Activities and Leadership (315-229-5757) if you have questions about the First Year Cup policies.