Submit an Event

Please note: In 2013, the FY Cup committee decided to implement a recommendation to limit the number of eligible FY Cup events to 2-3 per week. Please submit your events for consideration as early as possible; we will not add events to the calendar if the week's schedule is already full.


To submit an event email Laura Lavoie at with a detailed description of your event that includes the following information:

  1. Name of the event
  2. Detailed description of the event
  3. Date, time, and location
  4. Sponsoring department, office, or organization
  5. Name and contact information of the event coordinator

Be sure that your event:

  1. Is open and publicized to all First-Year Students
  2. Is free of charge to all First-Year Students
  3. Encourages positive involvement in the campus community and is consistent with St. Lawrence University's Aims and Objectives.

We encourage that events be planned during evenings and weekends so as to not conflict with class times. We will not sponsor events that fall during breaks or conflict with large campus events, such as Family or Homecoming weekends.


The First-Year Cup committee will meet twice during the fall semester (August and October) to select events for the First-Year Cup Competition. Please submit details of your event as early as possible to have your event considered at one of these meetings. We realize that it sometimes takes a bit of time to get event details finalized, and therefore submitting an event after a committee meeting will not necessarily mean that the event will not be reviewed. We want to provide a diverse, interesting collection of events to our first-year students and thus may consider submissions outside of our regular meetings if we feel that the event would be a strong addition to the schedule.

After submitting your event, you will receive an email indicating:

  1. Your event has been reviewed and accepted as a FYCup eligible event- In this case, you will receive a follow up email from Laura Lavoie with additional materials and information.
  2. Your event has been edited and accepted as a FYCup eligible event- While proofreading, the committee may have made adjustments to the description to correct spelling errors or edit for content. Please use any corrections noted when promoting your event.
  3. Your event has been reviewed but has not been accepted as a FYCup eligible event- Event tracking over the last 3 years has shown that first-year students typically do not attend more than one First Year Cup eligible event per week. Therefore, we will be limiting the number of events listed as First-Year Cup Eligible in order to better highlight a smaller group of events that offer a wide array of opportunities. If your event was rejected it is likely that it was similar to another event, was not shown to be a popular event in the past, or we simply didn't have room for it on the schedule. Information as to the reasoning behind the committee's decision will be provided in the email.

After your event has been accepted as eligible, be sure to note that the event is a FY Cup event when posting on SLUWire!

For questions, concerns, or help posting your events on our new SLUWire system, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Lavoie, Office of Student Activities & Leadership at or 315-229-5757.