Student Bios

Majors: Government

My FYP was "War and Society".  Apart from learning the methods of becoming a successful college student, I really enjoyed getting to work with my professors and learn about a topic that I was...

Majors: English-Creative Writing
Minors: Asian Studies

I loved both my FYP and FYS. Over winter break, I went to China for 2 weeks with seven other students from my FYP. It was an amazing experience and made me excited to travel in Asia again. For my...

Majors: Multifield and Global Studies

While at first new and frightening, my FYP has been an intensely rewarding experience.  It has given me the opportunity to become friends with the other residents on my floor, and it has also...

Majors: undeclared

I really enjoyed the CBL component of my FYP, where I helped senior citizens learn how to use computers.

I'm a first-year student here at St. Lawrence. I enjoy spending time on the St....

Majors: Economics and Spanish
Minors: Global Studies

Not only did my FYP/FYS courses facilitate some of the most intellectual and inspiring discussions thus far in my collegiate experience, they fostered relationships between my peers and me. Those...