Lecture by David Rees

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The Gallery, with support from several SLU departments and programs, is pleased to present a return lecture presentation by David Rees, author of the well-known syndicated comic series, Get Your War On and Get Your War On II. The lecture will be presented on Wednesday, November 19, 2008, in Griffiths Room 123 at 7:00 p.m.

Rees’ newest book, Get Your War On: The Definitive Account of the War on Terror 2001-2008, is hailed by Rolling Stone as "the most original cartoon to emerge since... well ever. Raw, enraged, sardonic, hilarious, despairing, and impossible to pigeonhole" while Comedy Central writes that David Rees is "the Thomas Nast of the Internet."

Matt Taibbi writes in his introduction to the book,

"[Get Your War On] is a tale of a guy pacing back and forth in his pajamas in his New York home, trying to find his way back to humor, only to keep getting dragged back down by disgust and mortification over the state of things in "War on Terrorism" America. It's an honest portrait of who we were, written in a time when no one else had the guts to tell the truth about ourselves. Get Your War On exposes us as the cowardly, self-pitying, half-educated violence addicts that we are -- and exposes the "War on Terrorism" as a pathetic excuse to cosmetically enhance our flagging self-esteem, a national boob job that didn't come close to looking real and will only look worse as we get older."

You can learn more about David Rees and his work at http://www.mnftiu.cc/.

According to the author, Get Your War On will be retired after this year's Presidential election, so Rees is calling his final presentations "post-election post-mortems."

All author royalties from the Get Your War On books are donated to the Mine Detection & Dog Center Team #5, which clears land mines and unexploded ordnance in western Afghanistan.

Funding for David Rees' lecture is provided by the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery and the Departments of Global Studies, Music, and Sociology.