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A Floating World: Ian Coristine’s Thousand Islands

May 14– July 15, 2007

A Floating World, Ian Coristine's Thousand Islands

Saturday, June 2 • 2:15 p.m. • Griffiths 123: Lecture by Paul Malo, professor emeritus at the School of Architecture at Syracuse University, with additional comments by Robert Charron, exhibition curator, and Ian Coristine, photographer and publisher of a trilogy of books entitled The 1000 Islands; Water, Wind and Sky; and The Thousand Islands. Coristine’s color photographs of the Thousand Islands, taken from the air and the water, have been shown in the Brockville Arts Center in Ontario and the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. A book signing will follow the lecture.

Malo is an award-winning author and nationally recognized authority on the art and architecture of the Thousand Islands, having researched and documented the region’s past for over 50 years. His books Boldt Castle – In Search of the Lost Story, Fools’ Paradise – Remembering the Thousand Islands and A Floating World – More People, Places and Pastimes of the Thousand Islands, contain hundreds of historic photographs and illustrations that vividly portray the present scene and region’s lost lifestyles.

“The beauty of this noble stream at almost any point, but especially in the commencement of this journey when it winds its way among the Thousand Islands, can hardly be imagined.”

– Charles Dickens, en route to Montréal, 1842