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still: recent works by Melissa Schulenberg

April 8 - May 16, 2010



lie still and let the heat turn cool
art takes over the mind is still
breath comes shallow sitting still in a tree
driving for two days the world becomes still
the world exists as if in a dream
it’s still in the car
it’s still outside
it’s still in my chest
it’s still in my head
that’s when the most ordinary can become extraordinary
only see flashes of one color as the world flies by
red blue green yellow purple stand out
similar shapes take root
play takes over

i’m (still) drawn to this

Melissa Schulenberg is an associate professor of art at St. Lawrence University, where she teaches printmaking and drawing courses. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at the Denver Art Museum and the University of West England. She often participates in exchange portfolios by collaborating with printmakers from around the globe.