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Multi-media art installation by Inga and Andy Hamilton with additional works by over 40 international artists

October 24 - December 10, 2011

bird by sally fort

Sally Fort

‘"ELEMENTALS Birds" is a very special experiment to see if artists, printmakers, and craftspeople can physically embody feelings of peace, harmony, and goodwill in their artwork and tangibly affect the environment in which it is shown. By definition, elementals traditionally are thoughts that once created become attached to their creator and are fed by further thoughts and actions. They're often referred to as an air of positivity or negativity; confidence or lack thereof; peace or disharmony.

Inga and Andy Hamilton will be on campus for three weeks to create site-specific installations at the gallery that unfold over time and flow with good intention to all those who encounter their work. The artists also invite students, faculty, staff, and community members to create their own Elementals birds to be placed around campus and town.
Come see what happens when artists (and you!) are given permission to explore new avenues in unexpected and magical ways. You can chat with the all of the participating artists on Facebook and see pix of their work by searching for Elementals Birds.

Artists' Bios
Installation artist Inga Hamilton works in the Venn diagram intersection where craft, art, science, mathematics, and activism meet. Her textiles are currently showing in Dubh, dialogues in black, at the American Irish Historical Society in New York City, a showcase of leading artists and craftspeople from Ireland and the United States.

You're just as likely to find the work of printmaker, digital illustrator, and urban artist Andy Hamilton (a.k.a. MyTarPit) hanging in the likes of Nintendo's head office, slid amongst the volumes in a bookstore, or pinned to the back of a stop sign. His obsession with mark-making and character design spurs him on to develop groundbreaking print techniques with an old-school twist.

Known equally for their guerrilla art activities and gallery installations, Inga and Andy have presented their work throughout the United States and Europe in exhibitions, public art projects, live paints, workshops, and residencies.

Please join us! Inga and Andy have created templates so that everyone can make their own Elementals birds and contribute to the project.

fat bottomed owl elemental 01
fat bottomed owl elemental 02

joe crow elemental 1
joe crow elemental 2

squirch elemental 1

yaffle elemental 1
yaffle elemental 2
yaffle elemental 3


Participating artists

Andrew Cooke

Andrew Cooke



Love Ablan
Aly Aga
Bernice Anderson
Franco Bistoni
Lee Boyd
Anita Bruce
Sean Callahan
Morwenna Catt
Andrew Cooke
TJ Cosgrove
Fionnuala Elliot
Paula Fenwick
Emma Foley
Sally Fort
Dianne Fraser
Joanne Glassett
Andy Hamilton
Inga Hamilton
Paul Hamilton
Sabeth Jackson
Nathaniel Kassel
Isabel Kerr
Amanda Marie Ellis King


Laura Kinneberg
Katelyn Kroneshage
John Krynick
Aimee Lee
Patricia Lee
Joe Lucas
Martyn Lucas
Martin McClure
Neal McCullough
Shauna McGowan
Conor McGrath
Tara McNeill
Kate Mitchell
Ann Moffett
Mark Morgan
Deborah Orr
Karin Patry
Sophie Rakotondrasoa
Sharon Regan
David Richard
Gretchen Schermerhorn
In-Sil Yoo