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The Art of Travel: Beauty in Details
Photographs by Veronika Horváthová '12

March 21 - April 20, 2011



Veronika’s uncle gave her his old manual camera when she was a teenager. She then learned photography the old-fashioned way, developing her prints in her family’s garage. Her self-schooling in lighting, film, shutter speeds, and composition opened a door to a competitive photography course at United World College’s Italy campus.  She graduated from UWC before attending St. Lawrence, and this semester has been studying foreign policy at American University in Washington, D.C.  A government major, she intends to study international relations in graduate school and become a foreign service officer for Slovakia.

The Art of Travel: Beauty in Details presents Veronika’s photos from her last spring semester in France, Senegal, and Canada, which she experienced through St. Lawrence’s Global Francophone Cultures program. More than illustrating how much students can see in just one semester if they choose to go abroad, Veronika produced works to represent her own values in traveling.  She is a proponent of the “slow seeing” school of traveling and believes that one should savor all the details that are different from those at home, appreciate and attend to them, and take time to notice the beauty in those contrasts.

For Veronika, this exhibition is a “little dream come true,” and she hopes it will inspire other students to pursue their creative ideas even when not strictly within their major field of study.

- Irja Boden, Visual Resources Curator, Art & Art History


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