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An Art Exhibition

April 25 - May 18, 2014

imok youreok


When sessions began, the participants were ambivalent about many things. They met weekly and together brainstormed possibilities, directions, and answers. They created a running list of thoughts and impulses that seemed to explain something about who they were and what they were facing. In time, their list began to take a peculiar and unique shape, and collective values began to emerge. For instance, in proximity, the participants’ combined phrases became meaningful and even suggested conclusions:

nostalgia + connection = how did i get here
aestheticism + facts = elevator music
woe is me + whoa is me = who is me
#everybody + trending = selective numbing
insignificance + self-obsession = absurdity
absurdity + global tragedy = imok youreok

Located in the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery, imok youreok features works by students in the Art & Art History department’s Senior Seminar. The art works represent a variety of aesthetic concerns and creative processes.

With no overarching theme, the works are connected through their shared time and place of creation as well as numerous collaborative conversations that preceded their execution.

featuring works by:

Sophia Allocco
Amelie Amblard
Tommy Costello
Corey Hahnl
Samuel Hecklau
Anna Lavanger
Erik Miller
Madison Schoeberlein
Amanda Treco
Allie Walter