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Examining Terror:
Stencils by Henry H. Eckerson '15

April 24- May 30, 2015

henry h. eckerson spraypainting


In this installation, I juxtapose images of the current war on terror, including photographs of explosions, drones, soldiers and civilians. The images I have chosen are meant to be provocative, uncomfortable and serious, and I hope to prompt viewers to reconsider traditional assumptions about the American military. My studies in philosophy and government have required me to look at issues from many different perspectives, and I decided to focus on perceptions of terror.

Spray-painted stencils have always been a people’s tool, providing individuals with the ability to spread messages in public spaces for all to see. My love of stencils stems from the rawness of the images. Stencils evoke wonder, sadness and anger, and challenge people to question themselves and the world they live in.

I wanted to do a creative project in the spring semester of my senior year. By turning the idea of working with stencils into an independent study, I was able to realize more ambitious goals. Working on a large-scale gallery installation has allowed me to explore perceptions of terror while learning and developing strategies for producing life-size stencils.



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