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#HEOP Works!

May 31 - June 2, 2018

marisa with a painting

The St. Lawrence University Higher Educational Opportunity Program, the Office of Laurentian Engagement, and Richard F. Brush Art Gallery are pleased to announce the first #HEOPWorks! exhibition to be presented this spring at the Brush Art Gallery. #HEOPWorks will be featured in conjunction with the first “all-year” HEOP reunion during Reunion Weekend from May 31 to June 2, 2018. The exhibition will focus on how HEOP plays or has played a role in one's life as a student and/or how the program has helped shape people today. We hope you can join us for the HEOP Reunion Weekend and for a #HEOPWorks gallery reception on Friday, June 1, from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m.

#HEOPWorks is a multi-media group exhibition of artworks and personal artifacts by and about current HEOP students and HEOP alumni. Each contributor, dating from SLU’s class of 1975 to present day, created an artwork or selected an item that represents the influence of HEOP on that person’s life. The goal of the exhibition is to share the impact of St. Lawrence University’s Higher Educational Opportunity Program through a diverse and meaningful array of objects and stories.

All SLU HEOP alumni and current HEOP students are invited to submit artworks or other items/artifacts for the exhibition. For this project, we are defining “artwork” broadly; image-, text-, and sound-based media are welcome. More traditional forms of artworks include painting, collage, sculpture, jewelry, photography (digital and manual), graphic design, crafts (weaving, crochet, knitting), as well as written or spoken word, sound, and music, including poetry and brief story recordings. Other possibilities are collaboration pieces and small installations. Examples of non-art submissions include personal items/artifacts from home or work. As an example, one alumnus is submitting a flag from the Paraguayan consulate in New York City where he is now working as an interpreter. Feel free to be as creative as you’d like when you think about an item/artifact that you’d like to illustrate something important in your life. We are happy to talk with you by phone or in person to help you think through what to submit.

The exhibition is meant to be inclusive, and all submissions will be accepted. Photographers, please note that the gallery can print digital photographs on site depending on file size and image resolution. The gallery will also mat and frame artworks, provide pedestals and display cases, and/or prepare submitted items/artifacts for the exhibition. In addition, the gallery may be able to help you cover the cost of mailing your item if it cannot be mailed or emailed in advance, or dropped off in person at the gallery at the beginning of Reunion.

As mentioned above, your submission should illustrate or reflect upon your experiences as a past or current HEOP student, or focus on what you are doing now in your life or career and how your HEOP experience helped shape who you are today. To that end, we’re asking that each participant write a short statement (150-250 words) about the significance of the item you’ve submitted and/or the significance of HEOP in your life. For more information, you are welcome to contact Catherine Tedford or Marisa Zarczynski via the contact information below.

If you would like to participate in this exhibition project or have any questions, please email Cathy at and Marisa at TODAY to discuss logistics!

Catherine Tedford
Director, Richard F. Brush Art Gallery
(315) 229-5174

Marisa Zarczynski '06
HEOP Alumna
(917) 676-8015


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