Some comments from our guestbook...

I am so amazed at the quiet beauty in the art work. I also am reminded as I walk around and look at the pictures at the losses of war and suppression.

Thank you for sharing your beauty with the north country. I now have added hope that I, too, have a creative soul within me. Please come again- Peace, Love, and Serenity.

It's an awsome exzibit and I love your sand art.

I didn't realize they were so textured!!

I find you very deep in personality Mr. Monk. Your sand mandala is very beautiful. I hope Tibet peace and freedom in the future.

Your chanting and work on the mandala has inspired me to become more spiritual with my life. I enjoyed the visit and the field trip. Thank you for sharing your culture with us all.

I thought this was the most amazingest thing I had ever seen. I'm so glad I was invited to see this.

Your mandala is very beautiful! I wish that I was that talented. Rock on dude!

Thank you. It is an incredible feat of concentration you have undertaken. It is beautiful, and shows a talent that perhaps all people hold.

Dear Friends: We drove 2 1/2 hours to see the mandala and photo exhibit. What a wonderful journey. Just thinking about the mandala brought me much joy! Thank you from the heart.

I like the mandala because I liked the mountains and how it goes in and in.

These pictures serve the greater good because awareness is the doorstep to compassion.

from e.e. cummings: "When faces called flowers float out of the ground." Thanks for helping me decide where to put my heart today.

The colors in the mandala are fresh and crisp, the pattern is cheerful, and it is nice to know it will reside in NY state somewhere.

The most fantastic prayer that I have ever seen in actual material form. Absolutely beautiful.

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