Peaceful Plants


Peaceful plants include healing plants, and those flowers and fruits and plants that evoke gentleness and kindness.

Sage:  esteem, good health

Veronica:  fidelity

Rosemary:  remembrance

Wood Sorrel:  good wishes

A single rose:  love

zinnia:  thoughts of you, or thoughts of absent friends

There are flowers whose fragrance is said to promote peacefulness. Here is a list compiled from several sources:

Chamomile, basil leaves, catnip, lavendar, lemon balm, lily, lily of the valley, sweet marjoram, meadowsweet, rose, tuberose, lilac, water lily, freesia, gardenia, white ginger, jasmine, stephanoitis.

...and from Garden Flower Folklore by Laura C. Martin:

Spanish priests were said to have grown cosmos in their gardens as a symbol of harmony. Forget-me-not (Victorian) for friendship, loving remembrance, fidelity. Lavendar flowers were used externally to calm anger and to relieve headache. Roman messengers with peaceful messages often carried verbena with them. Chrysanthemum: to the Chinese, rest and ease. To the Japanese: long life and happiness.

To smell wild thyme will renew spirits and energy in long walks under an August sun.

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