Untitled (American wheat to win), ca. 1914-1920
lithograph mounted on board
28 7/8 x  18 3/4 in. (sheet); 29 3/8 x 19 1/4 in. (board)

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Hitting Home 
by Laura LoGiudice '00

During World War I, Great Britain and other European nations were under tremendous economic and industrial stress.  Unable to develop resources or maintain the production of goods to supply their military, they looked to the United States for these materials and support due to its vast production and distribution capabilities.  The United States had also been economically and industrially supporting its own armed forces. 

This poster is trying to influence the upper and middle classes of American society.  Food happens to be a necessity and a luxury that these two groups of American citizens have, so in persuading  Americans not to waste food, the poster is trying to have them perceive the war in a very tangible way.  It states that Americans need to be cautious with their food, specifically the abundance of "American wheat," and other foods which will help fight the war.  The poor on the other hand, already have a limited amount of food which they cannot afford to waste, so the poor are already sacrificing or rather helping the cause. 

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