Emily F Westcott

Emily F Westcott
Emily F Westcott
Gender & Sexuality Studies
Brockport, NY
SLU Reading & Math Tutor, Volunteer for Campus Kitchens, Peer Advisor

St. Lawrence is a beautiful school that has a lot to offer, especially for gender and sexuality programs. Before taking my first gender class, I had no idea what to expect, but now that I'm on my 4th gender class I cannot get enough. Studying gender and sexuality is more eye opening than you would think, there is always something new to learn. Through the courses that you take in gender, you not only learn new things about the world and how it's viewed by society, you learn a lot about yourself. Taking courses in this concentration allow people to connect first hand with the topics of hand selected course material that you will be reading. I cannot emphasize the benefits of taking gender classes, not only to learn but to connect with society in ways you haven't noticed before. I really love being a gender and sexuality minor and the opportunities that St. Lawrence offers. Also getting involved in gender programs at St. Lawrence can be really beneficial. There are a plethora of organizations on campus that are involved with gender in some ways, for example SAGA (sex and gender activism) or being an Advocate just to name a couple. GO GENDER AND SEXUALITY!!