Star-Quana Jackson

Star-Quana Jackson
Sociology and History
Gender and Sexuality Studies

Being a gender studies minor has helped me to disable and deconstruct societal terms that I once used to believe were unquestionable, terms like: sexuality, gender, and even race are nothing more than mere social constructs that have been applied and 'labeled' to our bodies. Gender studies has enabled me to critically analyze and question the society in which I live. I believe that Gender and sexuality studies classes should be taken up by everyone. You learn so much, you learn to see the world in a new way. Gender and sexuality is so intertwined within the society in which we live in, yet many people seem to downplay its importance. Gender Studies has helped me to open my eyes as well as expose me to my positionality in the world in terms of my 'race' being an African American and my 'gender' of being a woman. If it were not for this department I wouldn't have learned the historical aspects of gender and race relations and would still continue to accept and believe the labels that have been attributed to my body, my being since birth.