Student Bios

Nyasha Miller
Majors: Economics
Minors: Performance and Communication Arts

I initially chose St. Lawrence for undergraduate because of my opportunity to be a duel sport athlete and the amazing financial aid package I received.  However, I stayed because of SLU's...

Erika Alvarez
Majors: Sociology
Minors: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Some of the highlights of St. Lawrence is going to Thailand and Cambodia next fall, playing softball, and bringing a sorority to campus (multicultural).

Alexis Reinheimer
Majors: Psychology

I love taking Gender and Sexuality Studies courses because they open up my mind and apply to my every day life.  I think many of the issues brought up are extremely important to life on the...

Skylar VanSteemburg
Majors: Performance and Communication Arts
Minors: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Among the highlights of my time at St. Lawrence are my classes with great professors, and coming across material that has changed my concept of self, my beliefs, my world view, and my perspectives...

Jonathan Stopyra
Majors: Undecided

I chose St. Lawrence because I wanted an intimate, community-based liberal arts education based in a setting very different from RI.  I wanted to leave my comfort zone.

Emily F Westcott
Majors: Sociology
Minors: Gender & Sexuality Studies

St. Lawrence is a beautiful school that has a lot to offer, especially for gender and sexuality programs. Before taking my first gender class, I had no idea what to expect, but now that I'm on my...