The Weave seeks Fall 2014 Interns

The Weave, the Global Studies department's independent media project focusing on underreported stories, is seeking current SLU students who are interested in serving as Weave Interns during the Fall 2014 semester.  Interns take a.5 unit course (GS409), taught by Dr. John Collins. The course meets for 90 minutes per week on Friday afternoons at the Global Dialogue Center.  For more information on the work done by Weave Interns, see the course description below or contact Dr. Collins at

Pictured at right are the 2013 Weave interns: from L to R, Savannah Crowley '14, Yi Zhou '16, Carina Taliaferro '15, Gabrielle Quinn '14, Liqian Ma '15, Asana Hamidu '15, Zeynepcan Akar '15, and Chloe McElligott '16.

GS409 Internship: The Weave
This project-based internship course is designed for students who are interested in independent media and the promotion of public dialogue about important global issues.  Students in the course serve as one-semester interns for the Weave (, an independent media project focused on stories that are not receiving sufficient attention from the mainstream news media.  Through working on collaborative projects, students develop practical skills in a number of areas such as formal presentations, fundraising, community outreach, public relations, media production, event planning, grant writing, and organizational development.