Student Bios



At St. Lawrence Laura was a double major in Global Studies and Environmental Studies with areas of concentration included United States and Africa. She studied French along with Kiswahili...

Majors: Global Studies and Performance and Communication Arts

Being dual citizen of
the Czech Republic and the U.S., I decided to study the western world of North
America and Europe. To better understand European perspectives, I studied

Majors: Global Studies
Minors: European Studies & Peace Studies

After taking course work in the global studies field in my two concentrations (African & Europe), I took the opportunity to study in Ethiopia in the summer of 2009.  Through our...

Majors: Global Studies and Economics

I am majoring in Economics and Global Studies and am currently studying Mandarin, hoping to pick up Arabic as well. I studied abroad in Shanghai, China and am concentrating on Asia and Africa...

Majors: Global Studies

I absolutely love the opportunities the Global Studies department has introduced to me. My areas of concentration within my major are Asian and African Studies. In conjunction with my...


As an undergraduate, Sal was awarded a fellowship to investigate how old and new media outlets are being implemented in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and had the opportunity to travel...