Senior Government Majors Present SYEs

Six government majors presented their senior theses on May 6, 2011. All projects were supervised by Dr. Ronnie Olesker. The theses included:

"The Societal Security Dilemma and the Palestinian Israeli Conflict" - George J. Curchural

"Deterring Iran from Crossing the Nuclear Threshold: A Study of Israel's Policy Options" - Igor Dabik

"Between Blogs and Bullets: The IDF's Online Presence After the Mavi Marmara Incident" - O'Keefe E. Foster

"Peace through Prosperity: A Look at Conflict Resolution Through an Economic Lens" - Matthew Iacono

"Dealing with Hamas: Countering Violence, Cultivating Primacy" - Hassan Raza

"The Curious Case of a Docile Arab Israeli Minority: A Study of Inter-Group Relations and Social Dynamics of the Israeli Society" - Zlata Unerkova

Congratulations, all!