Recent Honor Theses

2010 Theses:

David Slungaard, "India, Nuclear Weapons Non-proliferation Treaty? A Deadly Game of Brinkmanship or Unlikely Partners in an Emerging Nuclear Order?"

Advisor: Michael Popovic

Katelyn S. McBurney, "The Neoconservative Worldview: An Examination of an Ideology's Influence on Policy"

Advisor: Alan Draper

Jacob Birchard, "State Intervention in India - An Analysis of Bureaucratic Change and its Impact on Economic Growth".

Advisor: Grace Huang

Rebecca Townsend, "A Torn Future; Societal Resistance in the Will to Reunify, the Case of Cyprus".

Advisor: Michael Popovic

Amelia Bell, "Paving the Path to Progress: Women's Contribution to Development in East Africa".

Advisor: Michael Popovic