Student Bios

Sophia Allocco
Majors: Government

While I had always been interested in politics, when I came to St. Lawrence I had very little idea what I wanted to major in. After taking introductory courses my freshman and sophomore year I...

Benjamin Adams
Majors: Government

Like most young adults entering in the realm of higher education, I generally had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life.  With this in mind I decided to take a year off before starting...

Kelly Appenzeller
Majors: History and Government

On campus, I am really involved in our Student Government, Thelmo. I just completed my term as Vice President of Senate Affairs and now will be stepping up to the Presidency for 2014. I love...

Paige Randall
Majors: Government

When I came to Saint Lawrence, I knew that I wanted to major in Government, though I was unsure where my interests would take me within the field.  After taking International Relations and...