Mellon Grant Overview

St. Lawrence University has received a major grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to implement the Environmental Education Initiative for Active Learning, Research, and Advocacy - a four-year collaborative project with broad multi- and interdisciplinary participation. The grant award totals $800,000, which will be distributed over four years - beginning with the current academic/fiscal year - with approximately $200,000 allocated per year. This grant is the result of a collaborative proposal developed over the course of one year by faculty and staff interested in advancing the University's environmental efforts.

Funds from the Mellon Grant will be made available to students and faculty to support a variety of initiatives, including development of experiential learning components in courses, other curriculum and faculty development, student research projects, student internships and advocacy projects, as well as an environmental speaker series. The Mellon Steering Committee invites proposals from faculty, staff, and students to build on the traditional interdisciplinary strength of our longstanding environmental studies program, capitalize on the abundance of additional environmental disciplinary expertise within the broader faculty, and link these various offerings into a coordinated, ongoing initiative that will have both a long-term positive impact on the University's curriculum and lasting benefit for the environment. With the assistance of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we invite plans to expand experiential learning opportunities related to environmental education, research, and advocacy; coordinate and increase collaborations between faculty across disciplines; and implement these programmatic enhancements in environmentally-sensitive ways. We seek to fund a balance of projects that emphasize both experiential education abroad and local initiatives the impact our communities here in the North Country.