Talk by artist in residence Thea Alvin

As part of the week of climate : CHANGE events, Thea Alvin will be artist in residence.  Join her at lunchtime for her talk, 'Let’s change the climate’ and/or watch her in action all week long.

Vermont artist Thea has been a professional stone mason for 25 years, and mostly uses dry stone stacking to create sculptures and landscape installations. Her works include stunning stone arches, walls and ornamental spirals.  Alvin will be at St. Lawrence University all week and her challenge is using recyclable materials (bicycles and soda cans?) to create arches and a small house on campus.  Thea Alvin has traveled around the world teaching, building and learning from master masons.

See the full schedule of events for the week or print a PDF copy of the schedule.

The event is being supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.