Peak Moment TV: an Alternative to Sitcoms

Peak Moment Television is "an online television series featuring people creating resilient communities for a more sustainable, lower-energy future. Programs range from permaculture farms to electric bikes, ecovillages to car-sharing, emergency preparedness to careers for the coming times." It is aired on WCKN-TV, Time Warner Cable Station 30, at 7 pm Mondays and Tuesdays or viewed at any time on your computer.

PEAK Moment TV is sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Communication at Clarkson University and the Seymour Family of Potsdam. Peak Moment explores locally reliant living for challenging times. The Peak Moment Shows are available at the Potsdam Public Library for borrowing and/or interlibrary loan.


January 6 & 7:
221: Human-Powered Machines - Can Pedals Power the World?
Jump on that bike and power up the blender for your morning smoothie! Matthew Corson-Finnerty shows several machines he has developed while at Aprovecho Center in Oregon. Watch us pedal power an electricity generator, a grain mill, a blender, and a straw-chopper. Matthew notes there's "considerable difference between the power that one person can generate, and [what's] generated by a fossil fuel engine or a coal-fired plant to provide electricity." After watching these machines, what do you think?


January 13 & 14:
#222: Applying a Peak Oil Filter to Financial Choices
"If peak oil occurs, it will dominate most everything else that we do, because energy drives everything." Financial consultant Jim Hansen's peak oil filter doesn't just guide investment decisions for his client portfolios. He applies it to his personal lifestyle (you may be surprised to learn what car he drives). He's also concerned about community impacts when fuel prices are higher, like centralized hospitals dependent on people driving to them, rather than many smaller localized facilities. Jim makes an important point: "If I get it right but my community gets it wrong, it could overwhelm everything I've done personally."


January 20 & 21:
#223: Dignity Village - A Community By and For the Homeless (Part 1)
"Anybody can come through our gates 8 am-10 pm and use all of our facilities. We have hot showers, a telephone, free computers internet-ready, our commons, offices, [and a free store of donated items.] Anybody has access to this." Tour guide Jon Hawkes highlights this community's generosity to the larger community: its residents well understand what homeless people need. Visit their greenhouse, gardens, houses, and business enterprises - all built with ingenuity on a city-owned site.


January 27 & 28:
#224: Dignity Village - A Community By and For the Homeless (Part 2)
"No violence. No theft. No drugs or alcohol. No constant disruptive behavior. Everyone must contribute to the village."  While finishing our tour, Jon Hawkes lays out the five agreements residents must abide by, all forged by real-world experience. What would it be like if our entire society followed these rules? Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Dignity Village is an organically evolving, self-organizing intentional community - and a model for others.