Residences to Compete Against Rivals to Reduce Electricity

Help St. Lawrence beat out the competition during the New York Negawatt Challenge, an electricity reduction competition for campus residence halls, a northeast component of Campus Conservation Nationals.

Use SLU's Dashboard to track your building's performance, tune in, unplug and make SLU proud!

Who: You, your roommate, your neighbor down the hall.  All students living in St. Lawrence owned residences; dorms; themes; townhouses.

What: Electricity reduction competition, compete against student residences at rivals Skidmore, Hamilton, Colgate and Hobart and Williams Smith to see who can reduce electricity use by the greatest percentage. 

Where: Your dorm room, common room, bathroom, kitchen, townhouse and theme house

When: Monday, February 11th through Monday, March 4th

Why: Behavior has a noticeable impact on utility usage in buildings.  During the period of the competition students will be encouraged to find ways to reduce their electricity usage through behavior changes that could be sustained for the rest of the semester.  Reducing electricity saves money and reduces pollution.

Tips: Check out our green guide for electricity reduction tips