Campus Committee for Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

CCSCN Meeting Notes
January 27, 2011

As submitted by: Kathleen Buckley

Old Business

Speakers for the Climate Summit in the fall
Louise Gava gave a quick update on planning for the summit. The theme of the climate summit is climate change, sustainability and social change.  Louise said a variety of speakers would be brought in, with a focus on the denial campaign.  The summit will be September 25-27.

The planning committee would like to invite Dr. James Hansen from NASA as keynote speaker since he has been targeted by the denial campaign.  Jon will invite him and/or Dr. Michael Mann at Penn State who has also been targeted by denial groups.  Other speakers include someone from GreenPeace's ExposeExxon campaign, Don Brown from Penn State, and Naomi Oreskes of the University of San Diego, author of Merchants of Doubt.  Other possible speakers include:

  • Jerry Bartlett - local Colton person and provocative speaker
  • Randy Hill and Kirk Fouss - to do a rhetoric workshop on how to engage folks on issues of Climate Change 
  • Carol Gable - a session on fiscally responsible environmental investments
  • Cornell cooperative extension - a speaker on climate, crop failure, and how it affects us on campus
  • Liam Hunt - the presidential candidates and maybe what they she said in the course of the campaign

Others helping plan includes: Sue Powers from Clarkson and Jon Montan from the County Planning Office

Jon thinks addressing the denial campaign is important to focus on for the summit

New business

Meeting times
The meeting times for spring semester are at 2:30 pm on Fridays, every two weeks beginning today

Dan Seaman gave an update on the CAPThe climate action plan will be integrated with the Master Plan.  The CAP and Strategic Map are the two main guiding forces for the Master Plan and the first work plan of the CAP will be derived from work with the Master Plan.  CCSCN will be updated and consulted as the consulting group - Saratoga Associates - develops the Master Plan.  The Master Plan will determine what projects go forward and when.  The plan's horizon is 5- years out, with an annual update. 

Dan gave an overview of the firm selected to do the master plan.  They have associates with expertise in sustainability and residence halls - both central to our mission.  They have received many documents about SLU - drawings, maps, data, etc. - have been downloaded to them.  They may convert our drawings to CAD and use GPS as well so they will be more usable.

A Master Plan advisory committee has been formed with 20 people on the committee.  They will have their first organizational meeting this Tuesday from 10-1.  Dan will report back to this committee after that meeting.  Several other working sessions are scheduled for the month of February with various offices on campus as well.  Saratoga Associates will be on campus the 14th and 15th to meet with various groups.

The suggestion was made that they try to meet with this committee during their time on campus.  They will address the full board on the 24th and sit in on the Building and Grounds in the afternoon.

A charrette will be held on the February 28th and 29th.  They hope to get most of their information in this semester.  The suggestion is to put the events up on SLUWire.

Nick suggested they meet with this committee.

Jon asked if they can they plan in climate neutrality?   Yes, they know they have to use this as a guideline.  Jon then pointed out that our charge and role as a committee is to track what they are doing with regards to climate neutrality and the CAP, and to give them feedback.

Dan said we would be informed with updates and that he will keep us posted.

Energy Conservation Competition
A competition with Hobart William Smith, Colgate, Skidmore, and Hamilton are competing will take place from Feb 13th to March 5th for energy conservation in residence halls, townhouses, and theme cottages.  Louise needs help getting the interest out there and sustaining student interest.  The men's hockey team plays Colgate on the 17th.

Help with publicity is needed (posters/facebook /email/Hill news articles/tabling/etc.). Annie, Matthais, and Nick volunteered to help.

We'll reserve some time at our next meeting to work on this some more.

Guest speakers
Jon will contact Eric Williams-Bergen for the February 10th meeting.
Neil will contact Aileen O'Donoghue will be invited to the February 24th meeting.