Going Against the Grain-The Unsustainable Diet

For decades, the experts have fed us a menu of what good and bad eating habits are. Now, alongside the menu is a less than stellar review of America's "Health Report Card" - Why?  In this presentation, CrazyJerry will serve up one of most important aspects of your life - "The Unsustainable Diet".  Fast moving and a bit on the light-hearted side, get ready to connect some dots that will likely have you re-thinking "everything" about "eating well".  This is a delectable feast nobody can afford to miss! Hope to see you there - Bon Appetite!

This lecture is part of a semester long series used  "...to raise campus and community awareness about environmental and sustainability issues and how they touch each and every one of us in our careers and lives," said Matthew J. Burnett, assistant professor of Graphic and Multimedia Design at SUNY Canton, who created the series.  Other presentations include:

  • Charles R. Fenner, Ph.D., associate professor of Business and Public Administration at SUNY Canton, will discuss sustainability lessons from Alexis de Tocqueville Feb. 20.
  • Matthew J. Burnett, an assistant professor in the Graphics and Multimedia Design program at SUNY Canton, will discuss the "Bureaucracy of Nature" March 13.
  • Brandon J. Baldwin, an assistant professor in the Automotive program at SUNY Canton, will discuss advances in automotive technology that increase efficiency March 27.
  • Rich Douglass is the owner of Sow's Ear Farm, a 160-acre nonelectric horse-powered subsistence farm in Hermon. He will talk about low-tech solutions for a post-carbon world April 3.
  • Richard Burns from National Grid will be speaking about reducing oil dependency April 17.
  • Nicholas C. Kocher, an assistant professor for Business and Public Administration at SUNY Canton, will discuss marketing sustainability April 24.

For more information about the events, contact Burnett at 386-7212 or burnettm@canton.edu