Back to the Land

Rich Douglas is a "Back to the Lander," living off the grid without electricity on his farm in Russell, NY.   He teaches about the connection between the philosophy and realities of Sustainable living.  

"A Low Tech Lifestyle:  High Living Low on the Hog.  Low tech solutions for a post carbon world" will be presented by Rich Douglas of Sow's Ear Farm 160 acre non electric horse powered subsistence farm similar to the old order Amish.  Rich has experimented with many aspects of sustainability and low tech living for over 30 years. 

This lecture is part of a semester long series used  " raise campus and community awareness about environmental and sustainability issues and how they touch each and every one of us in our careers and lives," said Matthew J. Burnett, assistant professor of Graphic and Multimedia Design at SUNY Canton, who created the series.  Other presentations include:

  • Richard Burns from National Grid will be speaking about reducing oil dependency April 17.
  • Nicholas C. Kocher, an assistant professor for Business and Public Administration at SUNY Canton, will discuss marketing sustainability April 24.

For more information about the events, contact Burnett at 386-7212 or