Along with the NY Negawatt Challenge students in first year residence halls compete to reduce their buildings' electricity usage by the greatest percentage.  The winning dorm receives a pizza party!

Use SLU's Building Dashboard to help you win the FIRST YEAR WATT WAR

Who: All First Year Students!

Where: Rebert, Priest, Reiff, Lee, Gaines, and Whittman

When: From February 18th - 25th 

What: Reduce your first year residence building's electricity by the greatest percentage. 

Why: Reducing electricity saves money and reduces pollution. The winning dorm also receives a pizza party!!

The Negawatt Challenge is a month long competition to reduce our school's electricity by a greater percentage than Colgate, Hamilton, Skidmore, and Hobart-William Smith. 

Check SLUwire for other upcoming EAO events during the Negawatt Challenge. 

Turn off your lights, unplug, and good luck!