Climate: CHANGE - Democracy in Action

St. Lawrence University's Third Climate Forum, "Climate: CHANGE - Democracy in Action," will be held September 17-19, 2013. The Forum has three primary goals:

1. To educate our community about climate change
2. To encourage action on climate change issues
3. To move St. Lawrence toward carbon neutrality

Full Schedule and Presenter Bios 

Tuesday through Thursday, ODY Library and Griffiths Arts Center: Art exhibition by Franke James, artist, author and activist focused on the environment, ethics and social justice, shows her visual essays and art work.

Tuesday, September 17th:

2:30pm Eben Holden Ground Floor Conference Room: "Campaign Styrategy & Tactics for the Environmental Activist" presented by KC Alvey, New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Fossil Free Organizer,

7pm Eben Holden: Tim DeChristopher "Climate Change, Democracy and Personal Action" DeChristopher is a climate activist who spent 21 months in prison for trying to block the sale of public lands in Utah. He is the co-founder of the environmental group Peaceful Uprising.

Wednesday, September 18th:
2pm Student Center Hannon Room: “The Unsustainable Diet – going against the grain" presentation by Jerry Bartlett

3pm Student Center Hannon Room: "GREEN Careers" Environmental careers stories from experienced pros, and advice on your prospects with Andrea Ferro, associate professor, civil and environmental engineering, Clarkson University; Alan Schwartz, professor and founder of the environmental studies program at St. Lawrence University; Hal Thomas ‘74, environmental attorney

4pm Student Center Hannon Room: $CORE Presentation led by students from Clarkson University’s Sustainable SYNERGY club who are initiating a program, $CORE (Student and Community Outreach on Rental Efficiency), this session will include discussion about student experiences in off-campus housing and older on-campus theme housing and ways to educate students about energy efficiency. The $CORE program aims to increase the water and energy efficiency in off-campus student housing.

7pm Eben Holden: Franke James "A Good Conscience is Hard to Ignore. Use it to Change the Climate." James is a Toronto-based artist, author and activist. In addition to her lecture, her work will be displayed in ODY library and the Griffiths Art Center.

Thursday, September 19th:
2pm Student Center Hannon Room: "Zero Net Energy Homes - A Vision for the Future" Dr. Mel Tyree, professor of renewable resources, University of Alberta.

4pm Student Center Hannon Room: "Climate Change Policy Going Forward: U.S., China, The World" panel discussion with Stephen Bird, assistant professor of political science Clarkson University; Dan Dudek, vice president, Environmental Defense Fund; Jon Rosales, assistant professor of environmental studies, St. Lawrence University.

7pm Eben Holden: Jack Hébert "Living Future at the Top of the World" Hébert is president of Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. He designs and builds energy-efficient homes in interior Alaska.

Full Schedule and Presenter Bios  

Through classroom visits, broad campus addresses, and panel discussions, we hope to evoke thought and action on the subject of climate change across our campus and in the surrounding community. All lectures and presentations are open to the public.


Visitor parking is available in Lots J, D and H. Click here for a map of campus locations.