New York Negawatt Challenge

Use SLU's Dashboard to help reduce your residence's electricity use-make SLU Green-win a prize!

Who: You, your roommate, your neighbor down the hall.  All students living in St. Lawrence owned residences; dorms; themes; townhouses.  All students living at Colgate, Hamilton, Union and Hobart and William Smith Colleges!

What: Electricity reduction competition, compete with other residences and Universities to see who can reduce their electricity usage the most over a three week period.  Dorms compete against other dorms and themes and townhouses compete against each other.

Where: Your dorm room, common room, bathroom, kitchen, townhouse and theme house

When: November 1st to November 21st

Why: Behavior has a noticeable impact on utility usage in buildings.  During the period of the competition students will be encouraged to find fun and creative ways to reduce their electricity usage through behavior changes that could be sustained for the rest of the semester.

Prizes: The winning University gets bragging rights!  The winning dorm and house get a pub cookie for each resident.

Tips: Check out our green guide for electricity reduction tips

I live in Dean Eaton, it is the biggest dorm won't my dorm use more electricity than a theme house or smaller residence?
A. Winners will be decided based on electricity usage in each residence compared to electricity usage in that residence during a period prior to the competition.  Residences are competing in two categories; dorms and theme/town houses. 

My room is too hot but I don't have a thermostat, how can I help win?
A. If a room or common space is overheated call the heating plant at 229-5205.  The competition is based only on electricity reduction; however reporting overheating is critical as we work toward our University energy reduction goals.

Q. I know it will be much harder to get everyone in my dorm involved in the competition; won't a smaller theme house be more likely to win?
A. Residences are competing in two categories; dorms and houses.  The dorm and house that reduce the most electricity, compared to their previous usage, will be the winners. 


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